Monetize your Friends, Your Network is Your Networth

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6 min readJul 2, 2021
monetize your network of friends, your network is your networth

My first encounter with the practical model of how money is distributed among groups of people with trust as a currency, was as a young 7yo dude, growing up in a small town, actually, the last town on your flight map, when you are leaving Nigeria in the deep south of Niger Delta, West Africa, the town being so far away from the seat of Govt, this was a place where scarcity of money is assured, opportunities are narrow, your best options are community and cooperation, your network as your main currency, you create or go extinct, this birthed the offline model of group savings in the community, called Osusu/Esusu/Ajoh, where people receive funds from their network on a rotating basis, I was fascinated seeing my mum using this model in her marketplace with fellow traders to grow their business, family, education, health, etc, the trust of the rotating credit getting to each person was the glue that helps the group to thrive together.

the question then was, so If your network of friends empowers you with trust by lending you money via verbal agreement, if there is a delay or default how do we protect the lender and the borrower from defaulting on their vow of credit when building Friendsvow, these were the questions that Friendsvow personal financial management APP, has designed and provide a solution for to empower millions of Africans and connect them to multiple options of cashflow using their existing income.

Years later as a young man working as a cybersecurity expert with a federal government agency, I and my colleagues used this same model offline to supplement our income, the outcome was disappointing because man cannot lead men without mistakes and unforeseen circumstances, people will create all sorts of reasons why they will not be able to meet up, and this always hurts the momentum that was supposed to be built, one default and the whole trust of the group is destroyed.

This became the primary focus for us building Friendsvow, we ensured that from branding to every section of the codebase, empathy, security, transparency, and simplicity will be our focus with the primary purpose of building trust as a digital currency.

Over the years of building products for scale, it is absolutely clear now, that business model is the key to building a succesfull fintech product and such a product must have inbuilt embedded distribution with the primary goal of solving financial needs for groups of people, especially for people who wants to build a consistent cashflow, the invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto as a peer to peer exchange of value was only successful because of the model inbuilt in bitcoin in using blockchain as a ledger to store and protect users and the similarity between bitcoin and friendsvow in securing credits is so coincidentally uncanny, the strength of bitcoin is not just blockchain, the invincible strength of bitcoin is the business model which was proven in mathmatic using probability theory, you can read more on Bitcoin whitepaper Friendsvow model on building protection against default on repayment was coincidentally discovered using conditional theory, random theory and risk theory in probability to build a model around weekly, monthly and quarterly lines of credit, each weight balances the other to ensure consistent cashflow with little human effort, the way a tesla car will glide through, because humans have done the heavy lifting it makes the ultra ordinary look ordinary, while its actually an extraordinary and ultra ordinary peace of human innovation in financial management.

Every good product person must understand that your product must solve a need or provide options to solve a pertinent problem, if you are lucky that such needs cuts across the most segment of society, the goal at that point will be to ensure that the most important element will not be the interface but to build a product that will bypass regulation and still use existing infrastructures, that protect users against disruption, in that process your partners will work with a spirit of mutual acceptance and adoption.

p2p network model like bitcoin but for credit

The current crop of homegrown African focus investors are not inspired to support African founders building homegrown products, there is too much sentiment and little innovation in their invested products, this is exacerbated by the terrible dance of deliberate ignorance when they allow foreign investors to set the pace of homegrown investment, rather than build products that solve their environmental needs and can be exported because it solves a problem with the value that can be exported, at Friendsvow we dare to think different with excellence, courage, persistence and homegrown vision.

Friendsvow’s vision is to build the Facebook of Credit for Africa. We do this by connecting people with credit using their network of friends, family, colleagues, and through a mobile app, with their friends, family, and financial institutions. The long term goal is to make credit affordable and accessible to everyone, to ensure that everyone can monetize their network of Friends to raise cash for any purpose and they have guaranteed protection against default, A Social financial Network for credit to bridge financial inequality for Africans and companies that want to help Africans establish credit online. This will be like Facebook, not only as a social network but also as a shop with community marketplaces and social groups, financial groups, etc

a community group model with inbuilt protection against loss

Friendsvow is the first African Community Bank of Credit that enables you to save your money safely and connect you with instant credit, designed for Africa’s young generation.

Friendsvow is not just another social facebook or fintech platform, it’s a propelling force that will enable African youths, women, girl child and elderly people in this millennial to achieve financial consistency using existing income to increase cash flow by 300%.

Friendsvow is a revolutionary fintech APP to access credit that helps you monetize your network, banking partners, and financiers, and investors across Africa using advanced analytics of social media data to access lenders' and borrowers’ credibility through their footprint. This will be simpler, faster, more accurate, and much lower cost compared to traditional methods. Friendvow is the credit system that Africa and the world need to bridge the gap of inequality.

Friendsvow is an African trusted credit and financial services platform for African consumers that drive forward the adoption of financial services in Africa. to keep up with the fast progression of technology, Africa needs a credit system that can connect people from all over the continent. This is a one-stop social community credit platform for personal and business funding.

Not everyone has a Facebook account. But everyone has had to borrow money at some point in their life. We are a social community network that combines credit sharing and social media, payments, and cryptocurrency. Investors, let’s roll up our sleeves and do business!

With financial data from every country in Africa, contact with thousands of reliable service providers, and simple to use the marketplace, you have everything you need to succeed.

FriendsVow is on a mission to make People. businesses, SMEs, startups, adults in Africa clean up their credit for a better financial lifestyle.

If you’re looking to help millions of Africans save money, get instant credit, get access to crypto credit and payment wallets, exchange crypto to fiat currencies, exchange salary payments to fiat currency and invite family and friends to share in the excitement, if it’s exciting to you to also, connect other Africans on a blockchain, immutable chain of credit and you want to make more money in the process, then join us now.

money is important with friends
money is important

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ƒriendsvow™* APP*

Monetize Your Friends, lend money from people online & our cashflow model protects you from default on repayment,with blockchain transactions & Bitcoin payments