#Bitcoin Model for #SocialCredit.



A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic credit, providing new ways to monetize your network of friends, family, and colleagues. ƒriendsvow™ credit protocol is designed to be the perfect solution for a healthy financial lifestyle for everyone.

ƒriendsvow™ is founded on the belief that on lending/credit we…

monetize your network of friends, your network is your networth

My first encounter with the practical model of how money is distributed among groups of people with trust as a currency, was as a young 7yo dude, growing up in a small town, actually, the last town on your flight map, when you are leaving Nigeria in the deep south…

ƒriendsvow™* APP*

Monetize Your Friends, lend money from people online & our cashflow model protects you from default on repayment,with blockchain transactions & Bitcoin payments

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